Honduras Fair Trade Organic
2.5 oz Sample bag, pre-measured and ready to brew a full 12 cup pot of delicious coffee! 

Cupping notes: Citrus, caramel, nutty, sweet; round body, medium acidity.

About our Farmers:


Located in Honduras’ Chalmeca community in Nueva Arcadia Copan, Cooperativa Mixta Fortaleza


Limitada (COMIFORTIL) began with 50 producers in 2016 and has since grown to more than 175. Importantly, 30 percent of the producers involved are women.


COMIFORTIL was created with the intention of improving the lives and educations of the producers and their families. Its also focuses on producer-benefitting investments in machines and techniques to increase output and quality. Together, the members produce 80,000 quintales of coffee cherry per year.


This coffee was grown between 900 and 1,300 meters. The cherries were de-pulped by machine, dried on patios for four days and then finished in a drying machine for 24 hours, to ensure a consistent quality.

It’s also certified Organic, Fair Trade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance.


FTO Honduras "Endurance" 2.5oz Sample Bag

  • Choosing Fair Trade Certified products ensures farmers get a fair deal. It helps keep their kids in school, improve their communities, protect the enviroment and grow the best products possible for you.

  • * Organic farmers do not use harmful or super-toxic chemicals on their coffee crops.  The coffee that you drink is as “clean” as possible.  This means you are not putting dangerous pesticides or insecticides into your body each morning.

    * The lack of pesticides do not destroy the soil, a critical factor in the nutritional value of all organic food.

    * Most organic coffee is shade-grown and this directly impacts taste.  According to Silvia Covelli, CEO of True Origin Organics and a member of the Organic Coffee Collaboration, “the best tasting coffees are the ones that are shade-grown.  This is because coffee is a very aromatic plant and absorbs all the flavors and aromas from surrounding trees, such as plantains, cacao and fruits.  The exotic aromas come out when not exposed to chemicals.”